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SMP Zero Gap Flange Spreader Solutions


There are times in the field where flanges with no gap need to be spread. In these scenarios a traditional flange spreader will not be able to insert between the flanges. SMP has brought you the elegant solutions to solve these difficult problems. Both the SMP Valve-out Tool and the Equalizer SG flange spreaders lock into the outside flange bolts to spread the flanges. 

Valve-Out Tool

The SMP Valve-Out Tool makes another appearence in the flange spreader world. Not only is at able to be a zero gap flange spreader but it can do so with enough spacing to remove a valve, meter, regulator or any flanged peice up to 1-1/4" stud size. The valve out tool utilizes interchangeable bolt-hole pins to lock in the outside flanges and spread to the desired width.

Equalizer SG Flange Spreaders

The Equalizer SG style zero gap flange spreaders utlize different bolt hole collets that are torqued to lock into the appropriate sized bolt holes. Then the tools are either mechanically or hydraulically operated to pull the flanges apart. There are 3 small mechanical models and the larger 4 models are hydraulic. These tools are extremely effective at separating large zero gap flanges.

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