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Lifting Tools


SMP offers a variety of manual and hydraulic lifting tools to meet a wide variety of needs, from moving blind or weldneck flanges to equipment and machinery lifting to pipe lifting to safe roll.

Blind and Weldneck Flange Lifters from SMP Tools
Blind & Weldneck Flange Lifters

Don’t rely on uninspected or untested welded lifting eyes. SMP’s Blind and Weldneck Flange Elevators offer four safe and reliable lifting styles, all load-tested and mag particle inspected. SMP Tools make moving blind or weldneck flanges safe and easy.

Equalizer Hydraulic Lifting Wedge from SMP Tools
Equipment & Machinery Lifters

When you need to add or change shims beneath heavy equipment, SMP’s Lifters make it seem easy. Essentially flange spreaders with flat bottoms, our Equipment and Machinery Lifters are available in hydraulic styles for increased capability (up to 18 tons). With its extreme versatility, our Pop-It Tools also work well as lifters.

Pipe Rack Jack and BobbyJack Pipe Lifters from SMP Tools
SMP Pipe Lifters
SafeRoll Portable Davit System from SMP Tools
Safe Roll Portable Davit System

There’s no need for a crane to lift pipe off of a pipe rack when you use SMP’s Pipe Lifters. Working like a portable crane, our mechanical or hydraulic pipe lifter tools can handle up to 12,000 pounds, enabling inspection teams to lift their own pipe

Designed to make manway removal safer and more efficient, SMP’s Safe Roll eliminates the need to call out a crane. Expanding collet technology locks the brackets in place, so you can use ordinary chain fall to safely roll your manway to the ground, then roll it back up when you’re ready.

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